2024 Fluorescent Phase-Out - LED Lighting Upgrade Service - LED Spares Bespoke

2024 Fluorescent Phase-Out - LED Lighting Upgrade Service - LED Spares Bespoke

The UK is observing the EU Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive and will be phasing out T5 and T8 fluorescent tubes by February 2024. At the same time CFL bulbs will be phased out.

This announcement has already resulted in major manufacturers like Tridonic to totally phasing out fluorescent control gear and other manufacturers following suit. Here at LED Spares we have invested heavily in stock of older legacy fluorescent lamps, ballasts and emergency inverters. Even if a Tridonic part is now unavailable we can sometimes offer a replacement part from another manufacturer to get your fitting up and running.

However, as a forward thinking LED specialist company we now offer a bespoke LED lighting upgrade service. You don't need to throw away old Fluorescent light fittings just because they are inefficient or spare parts are now obsolete. LED Spares Bespoke can take care of converting your existing fittings to new efficient LED therefore not only reducing waste, also savings up to 80% on your lighting bills thanks to cutting edge LED technology which lasts at least 50% longer than traditional alternatives. Like our 2D retrofit LED trays pictured below.

2D LED Replacement Gear Trays - LED Spares

With the latest LED technology at our disposal, we will ensure the most appropriate driver is selected, running at the most efficient mA - lumen output which will ensure your lighting project is up and running at the optimum levels from day one. We have the flexibility to supply DALI, 1-10V dimming, emergency and sensor options to match up to your existing system or create a more energy efficient solution. 

Time to upgrade? We're here to help.

With an exponential rise in demand for replacement installations due to the fluorescent phase-out, we suggest planning and booking your on–site visit with LED Spares very soon.

We can be contacted by phone on 01785594982 or email sales@ledspares.co.uk